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NetWorkWise is a startup dedicated to teaching people how to network to improve their personal & professional lives. In 10 months we were able to achieve LinkedIn: 260+ Followers

Facebook: 350+Followers

Instagram: 2,000+ Followers

All organic (no paid advertising). As a startup designed to help people, we had to produce content that was meaningful & valuable. We discovered the best way to provide value was through video which acted as a traffic funnel for the podcast.




We manage all of your social media platforms on a daily basis, making sure the content we share is consistent with your brand. At the same time we are focusing on organic growth and engagement with current and potential customers. We use social media to grow your business by humanizing your brand.


Want to understand how you can successfully leverage social media to get more people into your door or increase online sales? We take a look at your business and industry to figure out specifically what you can do to make sure you are getting the maximum potential value from social media. From paid social advertising to organic growth, we create a plan to help you reach your goals.


Are you launching a new product or service? Perhaps you need help with an ad campaign to hire more employees? Whatever situation your business is facing, we can help. Similar to our Counsel & Advising offer, except we execute the plan ourselves. Our goal is to help you exceed yours.

Is there a service that you are looking for, but isn't mentioned? Feel free to shoot us an email down below and we will get back to you on how we can potentially help!