Case Studies

Respect The Fin

Respect the Fin is an apparel company that raises awareness of shark fining. Because apparel is an "aesthetic" product, our primary focus was on their Instagram account (@respect_the_fin). In 7 months we were able to increase RTF's follower base from 2,000 to 17,000 followers organically (no paid advertising), which allowed them to convert to ~$2,000/wk  profit. Growth was possible through identifying niche users who are passionate about Shark Fining. Once users were identified, we were able to acquire them through heavy engagement along with engagement of current followers (to establish loyalty).  To further increase RTF's potential reach, we've developed partnerships with other brands to cross promote each other (their followers discover us and our followers discover them)


Mach Nation is an IoT research company. They specialize in lab testing IoT platforms and occasionally are hired as consultants in a variety of industries. Due to NDA's, we are very limited on what we can share.

Mach Nation sells a product called MIT-E and Wasser Media was hired to target and sell MIT-E to qualified people. The long term goal was to convert those sales into potential clients.


PROWDR is an LGBTQ lifestyle magazine. They brought us on specifically to generate email sign ups for their newsletter. We created several "lead generation" ads targeting their desired demographic. After running a few A/B tests for different demographics, we were able to understand what ads worked best. At the end of the campaign, we obtained a few thousand email signups for about 80% of the budget. 

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